3 Things to Avoid When Selling on Etsy

Making a mistake when selling on Etsy is a common thing! Discover the top 3 things you should avoid when selling your handmade crafts on Etsy! Let’s face it – Many shop owners have stories of certain things gone wrong! That is because making a mistake when selling something on Etsy is a common thing. The important thing is to notice the mistake and try not to repeat it. To avoid misunderstandings, complaints, or decreased traffic and sale, there are certain things you need to avoid when selling on Etsy. We’ve prepared the top 3 most important things every seller should avoid. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: Selling accessories on etsy: top 5 tips to use

Top 3 Things Every Seller Should Avoid When Selling on Etsy

  1. Underpricing the Items – When selling something on Etsy, pricing the products right, is crucial. Before you put a price on your items, make a research and check the price of your competitors. This will help you determine your own price and avoid the problem of underpricing or overpricing your items. Underpricing the items is a huge mistake because of two reasons. Your customers will probably think that your items are cheap and with low-quality and because you don’t value your time and effort given to make the items. So, make sure to put an appropriate and real price on your items.
  2. Shipping in Non-Functional Packaging – When selling on Etsy, you ship your items locally and internationally, which means that you need a suitable packaging. Shipping in non-functional packaging is a thing you should definitely avoid as it is going to give you nothing more than problems, complaints, and unsatisfied customers. To avoid this mistake, make sure to wrap the items carefully in a practical and aesthetic appeal. You customers will appreciate it. You can search online for additional tips and advice on how to wrap your items safely and in style before shipping.
  3. Forget to Check the Important Information & Details – Building a brand and taking care of every detail is a challenging process, especially if you are doing everything by yourself. In order to avoid confusions and issues with your customers, make sure to always double-check the important information presented such as return policy, dimensions, colors, and etc. You will do yourself a favor and you will manage to run your Etsy shop successfully!

We hope that you have learned important information! Keep these top 3 things in mind and make sure to avoid them!